02/21/16 Cedar Waxwings / Island Beach

Posted: March 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

You never know what you will find at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. On this Sunday, I was lucky to see hundreds of Cedar Waxwings. Normally pretty elusive, I found myself surrounded by so many. Several small groups were perched in this tree. Photographing three in one shot was pretty awesome.

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2 DSC_2608a3600

3 11-DSC_2600a3600

4 1z-DSC_2729a3600

5 7 DSC_2650a3600


  1. Deanna Johnson Mawhinney says:


  2. Glenn says:

    Beautiful! The birds look like paintings! Well done, Ray!

  3. Ray, thank you for these beings of light. Both Jeanette and I are being greatly challenged lately, so your reminder of wild creatures doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing is an enormous gift. Sets things in perspective. What a blessing to come upon so many – I think, Ray, more than I’ve ever seen in my whole life put together. All the best — here’s to bountiful Island Beach! c

  4. Anita says:

    I agree with Glenn…they are beautiful and look like fine water paintings!! thanks for the gift of fine photography!!!!

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