03/09/16 Marshall’s Pond

Posted: April 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

I live in Toms River and never knew of Marshall’s Pond right in town. Took a short ride because I heard there were some wood ducks there. No wood ducks that day, but I found some Ring-necked Ducks which was a first for me. There were so many other types of water fowl including the mallards and tons of Canada Geese. The Canada Goose gets no respect in the photography world (lol), but they are so active this time of year. I have since found and photographed many Wood Ducks, those photos will follow soon. I’m trying to get caught up on my posts, about a month behind.

1 7zZ-DSC_3674a3600

Ring-necked Duck

2 5-DSC_3711a3600

3 11-DSC_3678a1600

4 9-DSC_3661a1600

5 17-DSC_3725a1600

6 15-DSC_3712a1600

7 19-DSC_3853a1600

Mallard Disagreement

8 3z-DSC_3888a3600

Always nice to see a Cardinal

  1. Thomas says:

    Awesome Ray

  2. Bonnie Rovere says:

    Loving the ducks!

  3. A joy, Ray. Thank you! I love ring-necks — first I ever saw were in pond across from Smithville’s pretend village — and the ducks lived up to the “ring can be difficult to see” warning in my bird book. Nonetheless, they are stunning. Don’t fret about being ‘behind’ in blogs. There is no such thing! Whenever you do one, it is a great gift. Period. c

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