06/06/16 Nickerson Beach

Posted: September 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Travelled out to Nassau County, New York, to Nickerson Beach to photograph some seabirds. My friend, Harry Collins and I had all we could handle. What a great day!

1 3xX-DSC_4111x1c1500

American Oystercatcher

2 23-DSC_3878a1c1500

American Oystercatchers

3 27zZ-DSC_4322a1c31500

Oystercatcher and Chick

4 11zZ-DSC_3900a1c1050

Piling Plover

5 9z-DSC_3969a1cX1500

Common Terns

6 5-DSC_4138a1c1050

Oystercatcher and Eggs

7 17z-DSC_4018x11500

Common Tern

8 21-DSC_4427a1c1500

Oystercatcher Chick

10 15z-DSC_3914a1c1500

Piling Plover

13 1-DSC_4469a1c1050

Common Tern Pair


  1. Sharon and Glenn Rome says:

    You take wonderful pictures!

  2. My Lord, Ray! what a feast for the eyes and the heart — that sites remain to shelter and nourish such rare and yes often endangered/threatened species. I could not choose a favorite, though oystercatchers are ‘up there’! Thank you so much! blessings c

  3. Ken Curtis says:

    Terrific photos, Ray.

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