06/25/16 Upper Hadlock Loons

Posted: October 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

The first post of several on the Loons of Acadia and Mt Desert Island in Maine. This was the first loon chick I photographed this summer. The chick has since grown the twelve weeks and has fledged to the open water. There were approximately 14 loon chicks hatched on the island this year, a great success. A few have already left and many are still growing and getting stronger for their journey ahead. This family had a single chick that was able to receive all the attention from both adults. Good luck my little friend, enjoyed watching you grow.








  1. Just thrilling, Ray. A happy ending, for a change, for rare and vulnerable loons. Creatures of such majesty, and yes, apparent strong affection in this sacred family. Thank you for heartwarming saga. Blessings, c

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