07/01/16 Common Mergansers

Posted: October 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

While on my way to the loon nest at Jordan Pond, I came upon this family of Common Mergansers. It was my first time seeing these beauties. I started following the female and her three chicks and kept track of them all summer into Fall. At one point, I witnessed them being attacked by one of the adult loons who had nested on the pond. The loon relentlessly rushed the mergansers from underwater like a torpedo. Fortunately, the mom scurried her chicks on some rocks and all turned out well on that day. But the last time I spotted them, only one chick was with mom.




Mom brings family on rocks during Loon attack.



Chicks were already fishing on their own.


Mom watching loon.



  1. Thomas says:

    Beautiful captures Ray…..

  2. Beautiful and tragic, Ray — you tell a memorable story in words — and none of us can match your images! I want to say ‘beauty queen’, with regard to that female — and not to trivialize her in any way. She has the courage and persistence of Joan of Arc. Thank you c

  3. Glenn says:

    Whether individually or collectively you patiently and beautifully captured the Common Mergansers on their excursion! Well done, Ray!

  4. Ken Curtis says:

    Really nicely captured, Ray. I enjoyed viewing the images.

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