07/28/16 Bald Eagles on MDI

Posted: January 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

I discovered a favorite hangout for a pair of Bald Eagles on Mount Desert Island in Maine. During low tide they watch to see if any fish get caught in the pools below after the water recedes. I’ve seen one or both several times. One day a juvenile also showed up. My guess, a previous chick who returned for a visit because there was no aggressive behavior from the adults. The last two were taken during a kayak off Hadley Point. There is a nest on one of the small islands and this juvenile was sitting low on a tree branch.





This juvenile joined the pair one day.



Taken from the kayak near Hadley Point.



  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Amazing photos, Ray. Glad you are taking advantage of having a home up there.

  2. Tom says:

    Great shots, love them all..

  3. Magnificent, Ray! How majestic, monarchical! Thank you. Blessings c

  4. The power of these birds shows in your images. I can never get enough of those piercing eyes, beak, body and talons. Great!

  5. Glenn says:

    Wonderful photos of the Bald Eagle in its natural habitat!

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