10/20/16 Last Days at Acadia 2016

Posted: March 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Our time at Acadia for 2016 comes to an end. This was the first year we stayed for an extended period of time. First time we experienced Fall in the park. A few of these images were taken during our last hike through Acadia. Always sad to leave, but great to see our family and friends in New Jersey again.

101 1z-DSC_5421_HDR1m1024

Jordan Pond is beautiful in Autumn.

102 15z-DSC_5433a1m31024

103 1zZ-DSC_5037a13700

Somesville Bridge

104 3-DSC_4963a3A1024

105 5-DSC_5426a1m31024

Sharon during our last walk in Acadia.


Jesus Path

107 1-DSC_5254a1mx1024


109 1-DSC_4872a7mD1024

Margaret Todd


  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Beautiful images, Ray. Looks like they changed the sail color on the Margaret Todd.

  2. rtyblog says:

    Thanks, Ken. Yeah, they gave her new sails this year.

  3. Tom says:

    All Great captures !!! Very hard to choose just one!

  4. don’t see how you and Sharon can bear to leave — and i need to know, when do you return? I think this date is owl-linked? Thank you for majesty, Ray! c

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