04/13/17 Ospreys are Back

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

The ospreys have returned to Ocean County, NJ. These, at Island Beach State Park, were in the process off reinforcing their nests. I watched them return several times with building materials. In between they had some fish and the honeymoon continued.

101 1z-DSC_1535a1mA3c1500

The famous female “Bay”.

102 1z-DSC_1376a1cmAL1500

103 3z-DSC_1549a1c960

104 5-DSC_7591a1cmAL1500

105 7-DSC_1517a1cmD1500

“Bandit”, the male.

106 3-DSC_7595a1mA1500

107 1z-DSC_7614a1mAL1500



  1. Tom says:

    Yeah!! Glad they are back! Great captures Ray, love them.

  2. marionz costa says:

    Ospreys here….endangered sea birds….Ray is getting ready to move up to his/their Maine condo for 6 months. Everyone copies everything he does down here, anyway, so wants to head north. Spent a lot of time there last Fall and earlier this year in the snow. He was looking to rent his super immaculate townhouse in Toms River, but it’s so spotless and minimally furnished, cannot imagine anyone else living in it. Ray is married but just a few years to his former girlfriend of 12 yrs. Sure wish Rich would do same, but we’re into year 14 and no signs of a legal/church hitch. But she runs the roost!!!! So he is married in my mind.


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