03/19/17 New Hampshire Bobcat

Posted: April 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

I took a trip up to New Hampshire with friends Harry Collins and Rina Miele. They are good friends and awesome photographers. We were looking for a Great Gray Owl that had been hunting in the fields for the past few weeks. Harry and Rina had taken some incredible photographs of two separate Great Gray Owls the previous week, one in New York and the other here in New Hampshire. Well, my streak of being a day late for shooting owls continued. Two long days looking and we came up empty. But, we did happen to come across a bobcat, which was pretty cool. No Great Gray Owl photos here, but if you click on Harry and Rina’s names up top, you can actually see some pretty sweet images of the Great Gray Owl.

101 1z-DSC_6295a1mADN960

102 7-IMG_3864a1700

Harry … one last look.

103 5z-DSC_6303a1cmAD960

104 11-IMG_3861a1ALD700

The creek the bobcat was on.


I did see this screech back in February.


  1. Depressing. Still can’t believe we didn’t find it.

  2. You were so fortunate to see a bobcat! Great shots Ray. I would have been even more excited about that I think!

  3. marionz costa says:

    Love your bobcat.


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