05/12/17 Island Beach State Park

Posted: May 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

A last visit to Island Beach State Park before we get ready to leave for Acadia National Park in Maine. The ospreys were very active and the “bunker” fish were running. The ospreys were returning with fish all day long. One even seemed to show off his catch by passing directly in front of me several times before heading to the nest.

101 5-DSC_9578a1cmAD31500


103 -DSC_9530a1cmA960

Showing Off

104 13-DSC_0080a1mAD1500

She was not happy with the scraps he brought her.

105 11-DSC_9210a1mADN960

106 15-DSC_9724a1mADN960

Snowy Egret


108 3i-DSC_9670a1cmAD1500

Great Egret


Greater Yellowlegs

110 17-DSC_9498a1mA960

Snowy Egret

  1. Joe Gliozzo says:

    Nice series Ray

  2. bonniedelaney5 says:

    Beautiful Island Beach…

  3. Glenn says:

    Beautiful photography, Ray!

  4. Thrilled by every one, Ray — and wishing you and Sharon happy safe transition to your Maine life. I look forward to first news of kayaking! bon voyage, c

  5. Excellent Ray. I wonder if the nest on the tree in Spizzle Creek has any viable eggs? Looking forward to seeing your photos from Maine. Hope you will stop by our place upon your return! Safe travels.

  6. Jill Bakke says:

    This is where I wished I had taken you on one of your trips to NJ.  Note he is leaving here to go to Acadia…. :)Jill

  7. Ken Curtis says:

    Very well done, Ray. Have a good stay up in Maine and hope you are able to capture more great images.

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