06/07/17 Eagles/Ospreys MDI

Posted: June 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

The last several days I have been shooting at the Mill Pond on Mt Desert Island in Maine. The alewives (herring family) have deposited their eggs and are heading back to the ocean. This annual occurrence causes a feeding frenzy for the local eagles and ospreys. It was like a parade, one after the other diving in the stream heading out to open water. This run of the alewives will end in a few days and things will again be quiet on Mill Pond.

1 5z-DSC_2083a1mALD1500

2 1-DSC_1724a1mD1500

3 7-DSC_1604amD1500

3x 1z-DSC_2052a1mALD1500

4 9z-DSC_2114a1mLD1500

5 3z-DSC_2053a1mAD1500

6 13zZ-DSC_2024a1mN1500

7 5-DSC_1724a1mDD1500

8 11z-DSC_1715a1mLDD1500

A Double Grab

9 13z-DSC_1754amDL960

Crow harasses an Eagle


  1. They are beautiful! I was in the park this morning. No fishing osprey, but did see a couple of Oyster Catchers.

  2. A treasure trove, Ray! I have the sense that, once the winged parade comes to its natural conclusion, you and Sharon will be free to kayak on still Mill Pond anew… Kayak for me. Off to work now – would far rather tend to your birds and my poems! Smiles c

  3. Ken Curtis says:

    Great set of images, Ray. Glad you’re having a good time this year.

  4. Vicki DeVico says:

    Ray, these are all awesome photos. I really do like the first one!

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