07/01/17 Common Loons

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Last year, it took this pair of Loons three attempts to finally successfully hatch two chicks. It was getting close to the lake freezing, but the chicks fledged in time. This year they are on their second nest. Not sure what happened with the first. Something may have gotten to the eggs, if there were any. Well, there is at least one egg that I could see on the new nest. The adults take turns sitting on the eggs. Hopefully in 28 days, a baby or two will appear. I am following several loon nests in the Acadia area. Updates on the others in the future.

501 1-DSC_4476a1cmLD1100

1st nest behind the rocks

503 1-DSC_5306a3cDx1100

2nd nest a few yards away

504 13-DSC_6483a1cDc3N1100

505 3z-DSC_6512a1cmAL1100

Just before the switch

506 7-DSC_6615a1cN1100

After the switch

507 15-DSC_6458a1cD1100

508 11-DSC_6576a1DN1100

Dad’s turn

509 1z-DSC_5630a1cm31100


511 17z-DSC_6486a5cD1100

512 11-DSC_4572a1mL960


  1. Glenn says:

    You take beautiful pictures!

  2. Thomas says:

    very nice Ray…

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