07/07/17 Common Loon Nest #2

Posted: July 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

Unfortunately, the single common loon chick from this nest did not make it. No one is sure what happened. Last year’s nest was under water this year. They decided to make a nest on the bank up the pond. It was a very flimsy nest, if any nest at all. Seems like she just laid the egg on the bank and started sitting on it, as you see in the first two photos.  Let’s hope they try again soon. Last year they had two successful chicks that fledged in the Fall. These loons share the pond with a family of Common Mergansers. The mergansers need to be aware of the loons whereabouts at all times because the adult loons will attack the mergansers. I have witnessed this a few times, the mergansers climbed on the rocks to avoid the loon’s submarine type attacks.

101 1-DSC_4885a1mLcD1100

The loon on the right is on the egg.

102 3-DSC_4827a1c960

Not an impressive nest.

103 3z-DSC_4721a1cmX1100

104 7-DSC_4728a1cMD1100

106 3-DSC_4525a1cmDN960

Merganser Family

105 1z-DSC_4521a1mDN960


  1. Sorry about the nest Ray. I know you look forward to that. Hopefully there will be other eggs. That is what happened with the Piping Plover in the park. They must have had a nest that got destroyed (somehow), but they ended up with one more egg. The chick is still doing well. About to fledge! Good luck.

  2. Thomas from Bayonne says:

    Love them all… thanks Ray

  3. What a saga, Ray! Amazing to share with you, and sad, too. Under-water …. but “climate change and sea-level-rise are myths.” sigghhhh…. cfe

  4. Glenn says:

    Great photography!

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