03/09/18 Wood Ducks

Posted: March 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

I usually make at least one trip out to Philadelphia to photograph Wood Ducks with my friend and talented photographer Harry Collins.  Normally very shy, these “Philly” wood ducks are quite friendly and will swim close enough to allow for some decent photos. Their feathers explode with green and blue iridescent colors, especially in breeding season. I was shooting in the stream with waders on.  Forgetting my sleeves were not waterproof, I spent most of the day pretty wet and cold, fortunately the weather was mild. If you think you might like to photograph these wood ducks, click on Harry’s name above, he runs workshops to this location.

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The Female

  1. Thomas says:

    Love them all, Ray

  2. Zingy, Ray! Wet and cold was worth it. (easy for me to say…) I bet most people do not believe such birds, let alone ducks, even exist! There’s a wonderful PBS film about them, where you actually see the young leap from their (high in a tree!) nest down into the water — scarier than first flight, if you ask me. Brave little guys and gals. Saluting YOUR bravery, c

  3. Glenn says:

    Interesting and beautiful photography!

  4. Ray, here’s the site for the PBS film on wood ducks I knew it had a delightful punning name. You’ll enjoy this — especially the nestling footage first swim in particular! Carolyn

    n Original DUCKumentary | Full Episode | Nature | PBS
    Video for duck film PBS▶ 1:00:42
    Nov 14, 2012
    There are some 120 species of duck, representing a wide variety of shapes, sizes and behaviors. Some are …

  5. rtyblog says:

    Thanks so much Carolyn

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