03/30/18 Snowy Owls Say Goodbye

Posted: April 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Well, it has been some incredible irruption this year. Snowy Owls have again chosen the Jersey Shore as their prime real estate this past winter. I have had a wonderful time, along side many friends, photographing these beauties. My first photo was taken on November 24th and the last on March 30th. I was lucky to see at least one Snowy on thirty separate occasions.  Many days walking several miles in the sand on some pretty cold, windy, days, but it was always worth it. There were also many days that the Snowy was tucked away and impossible to find. My favorite day was on November 29th when I stumbled upon a capture and release by a Project Snowstorm crew. To look into those huge yellow eyes from only a few feet away is very exciting. That Snowy was named “Island Beach” and is on his way home to the Arctic. He was last located working his way north into Canada according to his transmitter. Safe travels to all the Snowy Owls who gave us such a gift this past winter.

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702 107 3-DSC_4720a1mLD31500



705 101 7-DSC_5396a1mLD1100

706 13x-DSC_8708a1mL1500



708 117 9-DSC_5546a1mLD960

710 3-DSC_8792a1mLD1500

711 111 5z-DSC_6530a1mLD1100

712 102 9-DSC_6793a1mLDc21500

713 9izZ-DSC_1603a1mLD960

“Island Beach”


  1. Joe Gliozzo says:

    A terrific look at what we, the dedicated wildlife photographer experienced this winter Ray!

  2. Thomas from Bayonne says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful captures of the Snowy’s this year… it was a good one 🙂

  3. Nancy Gourlie says:

    Amazing pictures Ray! Next you can focus on Maine!

  4. Glenn says:

    Beautiful creature, captured by your lens!

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