06/25/18 Visiting Raccoon

Posted: August 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

This raccoon visited our backyard daily for a few weeks. At first, he was shy and would take off as soon as we opened the door. Each day, he became more tolerant. The “Rock” as we called him, provided many hours of entertainment for us and the cats. After working out the arrangements concerning the feeders, we all got along just fine (lol). The handsome boy has since moved on, but the cats still look for him everyday.

101 3z-DSC_0790a1L1500


103 1-DSC_1240a31100

104 1-DSC_9811a11500

105 1i-DSC_0775a31500

106 3-DSC_1250a31100

107 1-DSC_8941a1L1500


  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Superb shots, Ray. Maine is treating you well.

  2. I’ve never seen formal portraits of Raccoons, Ray — astonishing! thank you for lifting my spirits in a time of too many ill friends, and two surrounded by three fires in Dufur Oregon. Somewhere there’s music… the natural concerti of our wild creatures — I’ll hold to this. Gratefully c

  3. I especially love the second photo Ray. Makes me want to hold and pet him! Thanks for the story too. What a wonderful season you are having in Maine!

  4. Glenn says:

    Great photos of the raccoon up close, Ray!

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