06/21/18 Eagles & Ospreys II

Posted: July 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Here is part two of the “Eagles & Ospreys” post.  #savetheirhabitat

200 3-DSC_0730a1mLD1100

201 11-DSC_6085a1mLD1100


203 1-DSC_0217a1cmLD1500

205 1-DSC_6777a1mLD1500

204 1-DSC_0583A1mLDx1100

211 1-DSC_8142a1mLDc31100

210 5-DSC_2093a1mLD1100

209 1-DSC_7551a1mLDx1500


208 1-DSC_1609a1mL1500

206 7-DSC_3739a1mLD51500

213 102 5-DSC_5666a1mLD1100


  1. Wow! Amazing photos

  2. Fantastic images, Ray.. really nice!!

  3. Dear Ray, I cannot help wishing, with each blog, that you used these noble and exquisite scenes to urge every viewer to save the habitat of these very special creatures. As the creatures go, so go we. We are well on our way to the Sixth Extinction, Ray. You could help turn that around… Always love your scenes. Carolyn

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