07/12/14 Super Moon Over Acadia

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

The “Super Moon” made it’s appearance tonight. It’s not a good night for the stars, but excellent for some landscape. All these shots were taken during the night and are totally lit by the Super Moon. It was almost like shooting in daylight.

1z DSC_4904a3xDFinal600

Jordan Pond

7n DSC_4779aC7N600

Loop Road

5 DSC_4904a3x600

Super Moon

3z DSC_4844a3D600

Jordan Pond


  1. Glenn Rome says:

    Night time never looked so good!

  2. Ken Henriques jr. says:

    Great shots as usual Ray.

  3. Ken Curtis says:

    Wonderful images, Ray.

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