12/26/14 Snowy Owls Island Beach 4

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

The day after Chrismas I headed back down to Island Beach State Park. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The sun was so bright, I had to wait and just observe this pretty Snowy for quite some time before I could get a decent photograph. These shots were taken just as the sun was setting. Just after the sun was down, she stretched her wings, looked over the dunes, and headed to another location. The foxes were nowhere near the Snowy. They were roaming the edge of the dunes near the parking area.

1 9-DSC_4179a7x600

2 15-DSC_4194a5c600

3 13-DSC_3818a1600

4 19-DSC_4112a9z600

5 7-DSC_3723a7X1600

6 17-DSC_4145a9600x

7 1-DSC_4185a7600

8 11-DSC_3747a1N600

  1. Magnifique, Ray! Thank you always for your patience and your art.

    I’ll bet ‘our’ snowies will be in residence anew, at Island Beach, at ‘The Brig’, after last night and today. A snowy would be safe in the white expanses that stretch away from my windows here in Lawrenceville, and of course, over at the Pole Farm.

    Are there ever short-eared owls at IBSP? They should be present soon, and the Pole Farm is famous for its array, not only of AT&T ‘Ples’, but February short-eared owls…


  2. rtyblog says:

    Thanks Carolyn. I haven’t seen any other type of owls at IBSP, but I’m sure they’re there. If you know any good owl locations, please let me know. I would love to photograph them.

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