06/25/18 Visiting Raccoon

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This raccoon visited our backyard daily for a few weeks. At first, he was shy and would take off as soon as we opened the door. Each day, he became more tolerant. The “Rock” as we called him, provided many hours of entertainment for us and the cats. After working out the arrangements concerning the feeders, we all got along just fine (lol). The handsome boy has since moved on, but the cats still look for him everyday.

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06/21/18 Eagles & Ospreys II

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Here is part two of the “Eagles & Ospreys” post.  #savetheirhabitat

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06/20/18 Eagles & Ospreys I

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The alewives fish run was in full swing in June. That brings the bald eagles and ospreys to town. I spent many hours at this little pond and the adjacent inlet. Some days there was non stop action and other days it was quiet. I have so many images that I want to share, I’m breaking the post into two parts. Watching bald eagles and ospreys fish is quite amazing, two completely different styles. The bald eagle kind of glides down and grabs the fish from above. The osprey does this flop right down into the water. Both are usually successful in their efforts. Here is part one …

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Here is the corrected link to Harry Collins website.

06/19/18 Acadia Stars

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Just a few shots from a night under the stars in Acadia. I tagged along with my friend, Harry Collins and his Acadia workshop. It was a beautiful night. I started at Sand Beach and moved along the Loop Road. I definitely need to get out at night more often. Click on Harry’s name above and check out all the workshops he has to offer.

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Harry at Work



Surprise … four owlets this year. I found the first adult on May 17, but didn’t see the four owlets together until a month later. My friend and wildlife photographer, Harry Collins, heard the calls from the owlets and we found two and one adult. But on June 23rd, we caught all four together and an adult bringing back food. I had never seen four owlets in all the years I’ve been following this pair in Acadia National Park. Anyway, the adults will be very busy feeding all these hungry mouths. It should be fun watching them grow … if I can find them again.






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05/16/18 Red Fox Kits

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Well, we’re back up in Maine and looking forward to exploring Acadia National Park till the end of October. On the first day here, my next door neighbors, who are avid bike riders, mentioned to me they had seen a fox kit along a carriage road during their bike ride in the park. The next morning I headed out at sunrise. To my surprise, one kit was actually sitting on a rock waiting for me when I arrived at the location. The den was down below with several entrances. Mom had left a kill across the road and I sat and watched two of the kits going back and forth to eat. One kit was very curious about me and made a detour on one trip to come over and smell my shoes. It was quite the experience to see these little ones up close. A hiker told me there were three, the other one was probably sleeping in the den after a full meal.

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This is a busy time of year for the local ospreys and bald eagles. Here are some photos of a few at the Jersey Shore. The eagles have only one eaglet this year. The ospreys are working on their nests.

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107 5z-DSC_1839amLD1500

Great Egret


04/14/18 Belted Kingfisher

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This Belted Kingfisher tormented me for months (lol), flying up and down the estuary out back, always fleeting and almost impossible to photograph. I decided to set up my camera near this perch with a long range remote. Sitting on my deck about 200 feet away, I waited. After 90 minutes … look who showed up. He actually stayed in place long enough for me to get over 100 shots. This will probably never happen again.




Well, it has been some incredible irruption this year. Snowy Owls have again chosen the Jersey Shore as their prime real estate this past winter. I have had a wonderful time, along side many friends, photographing these beauties. My first photo was taken on November 24th and the last on March 30th. I was lucky to see at least one Snowy on thirty separate occasions.  Many days walking several miles in the sand on some pretty cold, windy, days, but it was always worth it. There were also many days that the Snowy was tucked away and impossible to find. My favorite day was on November 29th when I stumbled upon a capture and release by a Project Snowstorm crew. To look into those huge yellow eyes from only a few feet away is very exciting. That Snowy was named “Island Beach” and is on his way home to the Arctic. He was last located working his way north into Canada according to his transmitter. Safe travels to all the Snowy Owls who gave us such a gift this past winter.

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“Island Beach”